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25 bits,1 connector and 1 reversible ratchet in plastic case
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Referenza art.     Quantity
008600880 860/C27    
small, compact ratchet for jobs in small areas, recommended for general maintenance: automation, assembly lines
∙ 5 degree take-up angle
∙ knurled head for quick mechanism handling
∙ sealing magnet
∙ can be used with bits and sockets
coloured bits for immediate head recognition
860/55reversible bit ratchet 100 mm
892/0adaptors for drivers 1/4 1/4
860LPbits for slotted head screws, coloured 0,5x3-1,0x5,5-1,2x6,5 mm
860PHbits for cross head Phillips® screws, coloured PH1-PH2(x2)-PH3
860PZbits for cross head Pozidriv® - Supadriv® screws, coloured PZ1-PZ2(x2)-PZ3
860PEhexagon bits for power drivers, coloured 2-2,5-3-4-5-6 mm
860TXbits for Torx® head screws, coloured T6-T8-T10-T15-T20-T25-T30-T40
BETA UTENSILI S.P.A. - Cap. Soc. Eur 1.000.000 i.v. Via Volta 18 – 20845 Sovico (MB) – Italy
Cod. Fisc. 09321470966 – Partita IVA (VAT) IT09321470966 - Reg. Impr. Monza e Brianza 09321470966 – R.E.A. MB 1909778