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Sparkproof tools

image 95BA Double ended flat ring wrenches,
image 921BA/25 ​Sparkproof 1/2" drive universal joint
image 91BA ​Heavy duty offset ring wrenches,
image 92BA ​Sparkproof tubes for item 91BA
image 96BA/BP Ball head ​offset hexagon key wrenches,
image 926BA/42 ​Sparkproof 3/4" drive slide T-handle
image 964BA/L Universal shears for barrels,
image 1703BA/A Sparkproof axe
image 1377BA/PL Sparkproof ball pein hammer, round head,
for coppersmiths and tinsmiths
image 1032BA Internal circlip pliers, straight pattern,
PVC-coated handles
image 1036BA Sparkproof external circlip pliers, straight pattern,
PVC-coated handles
image 1390BA/R Spare nylon faces for item 1390BA
image 32BA ​Sparkproof centre punch
New Items
image 1375BA/PL Sparkproof ball pein and claw hammer,
wooden shaft
image 1602BA Sparkproof crimping pliers
for insulated terminals,
lightweight series
image 1719BA12 Sparkproof files, 12"
image 921BA/R50 Sparkproof
spare set
image 926BA/R50 ​Sparkproof
spare set
image 330BA/2R Spare pin and knife for gas pipe cutter 330BA,
New Items
image 1728BA spark-proof blades for hacksaw frames, made from copper-beryllium alloy
image 30BA sparkproof drift punches
image 31BA sparkproof pin punches
image 34BA sparkproof flat chisels
image 39BA sparkproof wedges
image 42BA sparkproof combination wrenches, open bi-hex ring ends
image 42BA-AS sparkproof combination wrenches, open bi-hex ring ends
image 55BA sparkproof double open end wrenches
image 55BA-AS sparkproof double open end wrenches
image 58BA sparkproof open end slogging wrenches
image 78BA sparkproof bi-hex ring slogging wrenches
image 78BA-AS sparkproof bi-hex ring slogging wrenches
image 89BA spark-proof single ring wrenches
image 90BA sparkproof double ended offset ring wrenches
image 93BA Ratcheting double-ended offset ring wrench for scaffolding bolts, sparkproof
image 96BA sparkproof offset hexagon key wrenches
image 99BA sparkproof hook wrenches with square noses, for ring nuts UNI/ISO 2982, 2983
image 110BA sparkproof adjustable wrenches
image 330BA sparkproof pipe cutters for gas pipes
image 363BA sparkproof heavy duty pipe wrenches
image 378BA sparkproof pipe wrench, Swedish pattern, made from copper/beryllium alloy
image 386BA sparkproof heavy duty reversible
chain pipe wrenches
image 921BA sparkproof bi-hex sockets
image 921BA/21 - 921BA/22 sparkproof 1/2" wobble extension bars
image 921BA/42 sparkproof 1/2" drive sliding T handle
image 921BA/50 sparkproof 1/2" drive
push-through square ratchet
image 926BA sparkproof bi-hex hand sockets
image 926BA/22 sparkproof 3/4" drive extension bars
image 926BA/50 sparkproof 3/4" push-through drive ratchet
image 937BA Hexagon socket wrenches, sparkproof
image 961BA sparkproof scrapers
image 963BA Sparkproof pry bars with pointed and flat bent ends
image 964BA sparkproof wrench bungs
image 965BA Safety valve wrenches, sparkproof
image 966BA sparkproof safety valve wrench
image 966BA/V Sparkproof safety valve wrenches
image 1046BA Sparkproof slip joint pliers
image 1082BA sparkproof diagonal cutting nippers
image 1137BA Blasting pliers
image 1150BA sparkproof combination pliers
image 1162BA sparkproof extra-long flat knurled nose pliers
image 1166BA sparkproof extra-long needle knurled nose pliers
image 1270BA sparkproof screwdrivers for slotted head screws
image 1272BA sparkproof screwdrivers
for cross head Phillips® screws
image 1370BA sparkproof engineer's hammers,
wooden shafts
image 1377BA Sparkproof ball pein hammer, round head,
for coppersmiths and tinsmiths
image 1379BA sparkproof scraping hammer,
wooden shaft
image 1380BA sparkproof lump hammers,
wooden shafts
image 1381BA Sparkproof sledge hammers,
wooden shafts
image 1390BA Spark-proof soft face hammer
image 1701BA Sparkproof hexagon chisels
image 1703BA/P sparkproof pick
image 1703BA/PL sparkproof shovel
image 1717BA sparkproof rigid spatulas
image 1717BA/1 sparkproof wall scraper
image 1719BA8 sparkproof files, 8"
image 1727BA sparkproof hacksaw and blade
image 1737BA brush with sparkproof wires
image 1776BA sparkproof knife
image 1784BA sparkproof scissors
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