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image 1479/B27 Kit of 27 nylon tools for removing pins
and working on plastics and seals
image 3007 ​Underbody trolley for vehicles
without forecarriage / rear axle
image 1368 Plastic repair kit
image 1368G/OD Corrugated clips, straight, for item 1368
image 1368G/SD ​Spiral clips, straight, for item, 1368
image 1368G/CV Convex angle clips for item 1368
image 1368G/C2U ​Concave angle clips for item 1368
image 1766LI Lever for inserting car glass window cutting cable
image 1766T Steel cable for glass windows
image 1766ER Window trim removal tool
with handle
image 1478T Plastic pin removable pliers
with swivel head and pressure clips
image 1365/K13 Oil pressure pump, 10 t, and bodywork accessories kit
in handy trolley
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image 1365P10 Oil pressure pump
New Items
image 1366/K5 Pneumatic dent puller, with 1.1 kg​ hammer face
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image 1498PC ​Voltage stabilizer, 12-24 V
New Items
image 1344 Feeler gauges for car body repair shops, pair,
10-bladed, with suction cup
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image 1360/K6 Aluminium hammer with flat, round face,
interchangeable plastic pins and centre punch
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image 1362 ​Dent reflector
with suction cup
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image 1366A Dent puller
with kit of 19 plastic glue tabs
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image 1367/S6 ​Set of punches for installing
parking sensors
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image 1478/3P ​Plastic pin removal pliers
with 3 release points
New Items
image 1479L/S2 Multipurpose wrecking bars, pair,
made of Teflon ®
New Items
image 1366KF ​Kit of 19 plastic glue tabs
for item 1366A
New Items
image 1367 Punches for installing
parking sensors
New Items
image 1302 double end dolly, round,
convex pein head
image 1303 curved dolly
image 1304 sole dolly
image 1305 toe dolly
image 1305Z milled toe dolly
image 1306 heel dolly
image 1307 regular dolly
image 1308 egg dolly
image 1309 hatchet dolly
image 1310 general purpose dolly
image 1312 anvil dolly
image 1313 buffer dolly
image 1314 double end dolly, convex, flat head
image 1326 curved angle spoon
image 1327 heavy-duty spoon
image 1328 pry and bumping spoon
image 1329 double-ended spoon
image 1330 long double-ended spoon
image 1331 bending iron with leather face
image 1335BM bumping blade
with plastic handle
image 1337/S5
image 1338A - 1338B adjustable body blade holder
with flexible flat blades
image 1342 extra flat chisel with straight cutter
image 1342PM extra flat chisel with straight cutter
with hand guard
image 1343 flat chisel with side cutter
image 1345 hammer with round,
convex face and pein, wooden shaft
image 1351 hammer with round,
flat face and ball pein, wooden shaft
image 1353 hammer with round,
flat face and point pein, wooden shaft
image 1357Z/45 hammers with flat, round,
milled face and square,
smooth face, wooden shafts
image 1359T hammer with round,
flat face and horizontal pein,
wooden shaft
image 1369/C11 assortment of 11 tools
image 1766L lever for glass windows
image 1766/8 assortment of 8 tools
for car glass windows
image 1201DZ screwdriver for Dzus® head screws
image 1478 pin removing pliers
image 1479 trim pin remover
image 1479U/13 putty knife scrapers
image 1479U/32 trim pin remover, stainless steel blade
image 1479N/S5 kit of 5 nylon trim pin removers
image 1539 sheet sliding hammer
image 1065F hand punch steel punch and matrix
image 1065P hand crimper steel matrix
image 1477K/7 kit with bent reversible ratcheting wrench
and bits
image 1765/C24 cases with 24 tools
for pulling out car radios
BETA UTENSILI S.P.A. - Cap. Soc. Eur 1.000.000 i.v. Via Volta 18 – 20845 Sovico (MB) – Italy
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