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High-grade trolley


Paper roll holder


Caddy trolley

Quick Overview

Main features:
• ABS worktop designed to match tool
chests C22S, C23S, C23SC.
• The removable handle can be stored
underneath the chassis.
• Four castors 125 mm in Ø:
2 fixed and 2 steering (one with brake).
• Maximum load: 250 kg.
14 kg
Product Name Art. Quantity per Wishlist
023000610 CD23S
Id Image Product Name Art. Description Quantity per Wishlist
1+2+3+3 025000613 C25 GR/07 2500 GR/07-sets of castors for C25
1 024990101 2499 RAF 2499 RAF-black castors for C24-C25-C52
2 024990102 2499 RA 2499 RA-black castors for C24-C25-C52
3 024990103 2499 RP 2499 RP-black castors for C24-C25-C52
4 024002904 C24S R/PL 2400S R/PL-worktop abs C24S
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