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Spare scratch-proof glass for lamp 1838/11LED


​Spare battery for item 1838/FLASH


Rechargeable, ultracompact spotlight, designed to offer the best possible solution for each use

Quick Overview

ABUNDANT READY LIGHTING: with a maximum lighting capacity of 720 lumens, and running on both battery and cable, it is always ready to use
-on flat surfaces: with rubber feet on three sides or 1/4" drive for stands (camera-like standard)
-on metal structures: with unscrewable magnet or hook that can be rotated 360 degrees.
COMPACT: no more than 85x100x155 mm in size, it can be easily replaced in tool bag and used in small areas.
STURDY: designed to withstand extremely severe mechanical stress. Guaranteed durability.
820 g
● IP65 - without external power supply-
● Dual brightness: 720 / 360 lumens
● Lithium polymer battery 7.4 V 4000 mAh
● Life 4-7 hours (depending on brightness)
●12V cigarette lighter or 230V plug socket charger, it also allows operation with a completely flat battery
● 12V rubber bayonet connector
● Recharge/on-off cable, 5 m long
● White light, 4500 °K
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018380300 1838FLASH