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Telescopic rod


Formable, rubber-covered aluminium foil, for canalizing liquids


Portable induction heater

Quick Overview

Quick loosening of nuts and bolts
Maximum safety without using flames
4,5 kg
480x370x130 mm - 4,5 kg
- heats and loosens bolts, hubs and bearings without using flames
- allows any type of ferromagnetic metal to be heated

Standard equipment:
- two front attachable coils, Ø 19 and 26 mm, for loosening nuts
- one flat coil for heating surfaces
- one flexible coil, 800 mm long
- supplied in plastic case

Technical data:
- input voltage: 230V AC, 50/60 Hz
- input current: max. 7,5A
- power: max. 1.75 kW

Coils are also available in other sizes

Time saving: quick, extremely accurate heating
Fire safety: does not produce flames, maximum operator safety
Functional: can be used with one hand, and coils can be easily interchanged

Automotive industry
Industrial maintenance
Aviation industry
Naval industry
Petrochemical industry
Product Name Art. Quantity per Wishlist
018520175 1852R1750
Image Product Name Art. Description Quantity per Wishlist
018520501 1852S-L 19 Side attachable coils
018520502 1852S-L 20 Side attachable coils
018520503 1852S-L 23 Side attachable coils
018520504 1852S-L 26 Side attachable coils
018520505 1852S-L 32 Side attachable coils
018520506 1852S-L 38 Side attachable coils
018520507 1852S-L 45 Side attachable coils
018520508 1852S-F 19 Front attachable coil
018520509 1852S-F 20 Front attachable coil
018520510 1852S-F 23 Front attachable coil
018520511 1852S-F 26 Front attachable coil
018520512 1852S-F 32 Front attachable coil
018520513 1852S-F 38 Front attachable coil
018520514 1852S-F 45 Front attachable coil
018520515 1852S-FL 500 Flexible coil
018520517 1852S-FL1000 Flexible coil
018520518 1852S-FL1500 Flexible coil
018520516 1852S-PIATTE Flat coil
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