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Beta C45PRO, the professional, sturdy, tidy
workshop equipment

C45PRO is the evolution of the Beta C45 workshop equipment, with a new design for an exclusive style. The new Beta workshop equipment includes 8 combinations, designed to be as functional as possible and to better organise the work space.

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All Beta C45PRO combinations

Beta C45PRO Presentation


The C45PRO workshop equipment is characterised by the unique Beta style. The new colour, anthracite grey, the new matt finish, the new aluminium handle with orange insert and Beta's chrome plated logos make the C45PRO workshop equipment look modern and even more captivating.
Beta Quality
C45PRO equipment is robust, reliable and designed to last in time. The high quality of the materials selected and the structural improvements developed guarantee maximum resistance to the daily stresses typical of workshop work.
A well-organised workplace allows you to work more efficiently, optimising working time. In addition, a tidy and well-kept workshop tells a lot about the way you work, conveying your passion and reliability to the customer.