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Multipurpose battery charger /starter, 12-24V wheeled


Cable with cigarette lighter plug for items 1498/2A and 1498/4A


Electronic car/motorcycle battery charger, 6-12 V

Quick Overview

6-12 V
• Protected against polarity reversal and short circuits
• Digital backlist display
• Pull-back fixing hook
• Rated current (min-max): 1-4 A (1498/4A); 2-8 A (1498/8A)
• Battery capacity: 4-80Ah (1498/4A); 5-160Ah (1498/8A)
• Protected against polarity reversal and short circuits
• Automatic 6 V or 12 V selection
• Automatic battery type selection
• Digital backlit display
• Pull-back fixing hook

Power supply voltage: 220V-240V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Rated current (min-max): 1-4 Amp
Battery voltage: 6V/12V
Battery capacity: 4Ah-80Ah
Charging time: 12 hours
Degree of protection: IP65
Product Name Art. Quantity per Wishlist
014980104 1498/4A