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Electronic multipurpose battery charger, 12V


Memory saver, 12 V


Electronic multipurpose battery charger, 12V

Quick Overview

Ideal for diagnostic protocols
and reprogramming CPUs
Allows batteries to be charged
and powers motor vehicles
while reprogramming and self-diagnosing
- maximum continuous charging current: 120A
- charging and maintenance with CPU microprocessor
- battery recovery function
- reprogramming and power supply for ECU
- protected against polarity reversal, short circuits, incorrect voltage and overload

Power supply: 90-260V
Power: 1500W
Charging current: 10-120A
Battery type: Agm - Wet - Lithium (LifePo4)
Charging capacity: 10-1200Ah
Maintenance capacity: 5-3600Ah
Output voltage: 12 Volt
Cable length, with clamps: 2700 mm
Dimensions: 310 x 150 x 350 mm
Weight: 8.5 kg
Product Name Art. Quantity per Wishlist
014980142 1498/120A