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Portable car and commercial vehicle starter, 12-24V


​Multipurpose battery charger /starter, 12-24V wheeled


​Wheeled starter, 24V

Quick Overview

24 V
High performance
​4000 A
Continuous amperage1700 A
Operating voltage24 V
Pickup amperage4000 A
Cable length2000 mm
Cable section70 mm
Charging voltage230 V
Automatic battery charger24 V - 10 A
36 kg
• Wheeled frame for easier movements and minimized effort
• Outstanding performance for numerous starts, including particularly demanding ones
• Electronic battery charger included
• LED and sound alarms in case of polarity reversal
• Protection against voltage peaks
• Battery charge indicator
• Solid electrolyte lead-acid battery (AGM)
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014980244 1498C/24