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Tool assortment for removing and inserting Fiat Panda, Fiat 500 and Ford Ka silentblocks


Automatic transmission fittings kit for item 1885


Automatic gearbox maintenance station

Quick Overview

Fully automatic
database included
Allows entire washing cycle to be safely performed in all automatic transmissions, through a simple, guided procedure.
Avoids damage from wear of oil in automatic gearbox, thereby easily and quickly preventing typical malfunctions, including:
excessive gearbox noise, jammed gears, abruptly engaged gears, long gear shifting time.

Automatic operation
Step-by-step guided procedure with integrated database
Balancing quantity of injected oil with same quantity of exhausted oil, thereby making sure that system always contains proper quantity of oil
Flow meter for visual inspection of oil quantity
Printing records of each operation

Injecting solvent (optional)
Washing gearbox system
Emptying oil out of sump
Emptying oil out of converter
Injecting oil into converter

Power supply: 220 V 50 Hz
Backlit oil viewers with 2 white light LEDs
2 electronic balances
Electronic balances, resolution +/- 10 g
Electronic card with backlit graphic display
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018850010 188570