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1984/18QM New

Reversible impact wrench, 18V, brushless (Available only in EMEA regions)

Quick Overview

Minimum air discharge compared to conventional pneumatic guns, in order not to raise any dust and not to blow away any parts that are nearby.
In addition, it is more noiseless.
Digital brushless motor: remarkably enhanced performance, including: increased power, reduced energy consumption, extended useful motor life, outstanding compactness, improved power proportioning from push button.
- 5Ah batteries with charge indicator
- Ultracompact: no more than 196 mm in length
- 1/2" male drive with bush retaining ring
- Belt clip (right/left side)
- Triple front LED
- Gearcase made entirely of metal
- Selector switch, screwing-unscrewing-locking modes (for transportation)
- Ergonomic nonslip handle
- Triple battery self-protection (heat, overload and monitoring of charge differences (if any) between cells) for increased safety and durable high performance
4 modes available:
1: 270Nm; 1400 RPM
2: 360Nm; 2000 RPM
3: 450Nm; 2750 RPM
A: 450Nm Autostop - As long as the impact wrench detects a free rotation, it applies maximum torque/speed (450Nm; 2750 RPM)
When the nut reaches the end of stroke and stops rotating, the impact wrench keeps applying maximum torque for 1 second; then it sets itself to the lowest level, to avoid damaging the nut
- Supplied in a hard case with hexagon bit holder adaptor (1/4"), 2 lithium ion batteries (5 Ah) and quick charger (80 min)
2,3 kg
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019840018 1984/18QM