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9729 - Silic Spray

Silicone spray

Quick Overview

Silicone lubricant and detacher.

• Suitable for lubricating plastic, rubber and metal parts. Protects from corrosion
• Detaching, antiadhesive for plastic and rubber moulding. Antistatic, for worktops
• Waterproof, protects from humidity and weather corrosion
• Protective, for electric circuits. Can be used to polish wood, plastics and rubber
• Solvent-free

Direction for use:
Shake before use.
Clean surfaces to be treated.
Apply product at a distance of 10 cm.

Legend concerning the countries in which the products are sold Art. (1) (2) (3):
Art. (1): AT, BE, CH, FR, GB, IE, IT, MC, NC, NL, RE, SM
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Art. (3): CN, CZ, PL, SI, SK
Product Name Art. ml Quantity per Wishlist
097290040 9729 (1)400
097291040 9729 (2)400
097292040 9729 (3)400