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7317NA New

Suede shoe, perforated, with microfibre reinforcement in heel area

Quick Overview

Perforated suede with microfibre reinforcement in heel area
Dual density polyurethane
Toe Cap
Polymer material, 200 joules
Penetration-proof insole
Composite fibre, ceramic treatment
Underfoot cover
Anatomically shaped, with cushioning heel lift
550 g
EU: 35-48 UK: 2,5-13
S1P SRC - EN ISO 20345:2011
Product Name Art. EUUK Quantity per Wishlist
073170135 7317NA352,5
073170136 7317NA363,5
073170137 7317AN374,5
073170138 7317AN385
073170139 7317AN396
073170140 7317AN406,5
073170141 7317AN417
073170142 7317AN428
073170143 7317AN439
073170144 7317AN4410
073170145 7317AN4510,5
073170146 7317AN4611
073170147 7317AN4712
073170148 7317AN4813