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Threadlocker-Low Resistance

Quick Overview

Ideal for fixing particular light alloys which could get damaged during disassembly and for adjusting screws.
Easier parts disassembly.
Temperature range (°C)-50/+150
Max gap fill (mm)0,10
Handling cure time (minutes)10/15
Functional cure time (h)3-6
Viscosity (mPa.s) 25°C500/800
Breakaway torque ISO-109646-10 Nm
Prevailing torque ISO-109644-8 Nm

Anaerobic threadlocker for metal threads.
Prevents screws, bolts and studs from loosening due to vibrations and shocks.
Polymerizes in contact with ground metal parts and in absence of oxygen.
High chemical resistance (oils, water, gas, etc.).
Protects threads from corrosion and seizure from corrosion.
Ideal for all threaded metal joints.
Available in 3 strength classes.

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Art. (1): AT, BE, CH, FR, GB, IE, IT, MC, NC, NL, RE, SM
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Art. (3): CN, CZ, PL, SI, SK
Product Name Art. ml Quantity per Wishlist
098010002 9801L20 (1-2) 20
098010005 9801L50 (1-2) 50
098010025 9801L250 (1-2) 250
098012002 9801L20 (3) 20
098012005 9801L50 (3) 50
098012025 9801L250 (3) 250