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Threadlocker-Medium Resistance

Quick Overview

Ideal for fixing parts subject to periodic maintenance, bearings and bushes.
Allows dismantling by using hand tools.
Temperature range (°C)-50/+150
Max gap fill (mm)0,15
Handling cure time (minutes)10/15
Functional cure time (h)3-6
Viscosity (mPa.s) 25°C500/800
Breakaway torque ISO-1096422-30 Nm
Prevailing torque ISO-1096420-25 Nm

• Anaerobic threadlocker for metal threads
• Prevents screws, bolts and studs from loosening due to vibrations and shocks
• Polymerizes in contact with ground metal parts and in absence of oxygen
• High chemical resistance (oils, water, gas, etc.)
• Protects threads from corrosion and seizure from corrosion
• Ideal for all threaded metal joints
• Available in 3 strength classes

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Art. (1): AT, BE, CH, FR, GB, IE, IT, MC, NC, NL, RE, SM
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Art. (3): CN, CZ, PL, SI, SK
Product Name Art. ml Quantity per Wishlist
098020002 9802M 20 (1-2) 20
098020005 9802M 50 (1-2) 50
098020025 9802M 250 (1-2) 250
098022002 9802M 20 (3) 20
098022005 9802M 50 (3) 50
098022025 9802M 250 (3) 250