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Extraordinary lightness and maximum safety

The innovative 0-Gravity safety shoes ensure compliance with safety requirements
and at the same time guarantee maximum comfort throughout the working day.

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Lightweight and durable materials

The 0-Gravity shoes have an approximate weight of 420 grams (referred to size 42), i.e. 100 grams less than the average weight of a safety shoe of the same category and size.


Carbon fibre tip or polymeric material, depending on the model. Both materials are lighter than conventional toe caps. TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) insert to increase resistance in the toe area.


High durable nitrile rubber HRO tread.
EVA FOAM midsole with cushioning in the heel area.
Penetration-proof insole in composite fibre which, compared to metal plates, is more flexible and improves comfort. The ceramic treatments applied make the blade even more durable.


Lightweight, highly breathable mesh upper or water-repellent microfibre.
TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) inserts.
Models 7353Y and 7352LG are equipped with special high-visibility reflective mesh.

Find the right 0-Gravity shoes for you

The safety footwear in the Beta 0-Gravity collection is designed to guarantee protection and maximum comfort. Consult the page dedicated to safety standards and risk classes.