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7398ESD New

​Anatomically shaped, breathable underfoot cover, antibacterial top layer preventing bad odours. Replacement for ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) certified footwear

Quick Overview

​So constructed as to make the insole perfectly anatomically shaped and comfortable.
The antibacterial top layer prevents bad odours.

EU: 35-48 UK: 2.5-13
Product Name Art. EUUK Quantity per Wishlist
073981435 7398ESD352.5
073981436 7398ESD363.5
073981437 7398ESD374.5
073981438 7398ESD385
073981439 7398ESD396
073981440 7398ESD406.5
073981441 7398ESD417
073981442 7398ESD428
073981443 7398ESD439
073981444 7398ESD4410
073981445 7398ESD4510.5
073981446 7398ESD4611
073981447 7398ESD4712
073981448 7398ESD4813