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42combination wrenches 6÷22 mm17
96N/SC12offset hexagon key wrenches 2÷10 mm12
920A/SB131/2" square drive hexagon sockets with rail 10÷22 mm13
920A/SB81/2" square drive hexagon sockets with rail 23÷32 mm8
920/211/2" drive extension bar 125 mm1
920/221/2" drive extension bar 255 mm1
920/251/2" drive universal joint1
920/421/2" drive sliding T-handle1
920/551/2" drive reversible ratchet 1
1032circlip pliers straight, internal 180 mm1
1036circlip pliers straight, external 175 mm1
1048Nslip joint pliers, slip-proof PVC coated handles 250 mm1
1052self - locking pliers 240 mm1
1084BMHeavy-duty diagonal cutting nippers 160 mm1
1128BMXelectrician’s scissors, straight blades1
1150BMcombination pliers bright chrome-plated, bi-material handles 180 mm1
1166BMExtra-long needle nose pliers 160 mm1
1260screwdrivers for slotted head screws 3x75 - 3,5x100 - 4x125
5,5x150 - 6,5x150 - 8x200 - 10x200 mm
1262/S4screwdrivers for cross head Phillips® screws PH0x60 - PH1x80
PH2x100 - PH3x150 mm
1370engineer’s hammer 300 g1
1390soft face hammer Ø 35 mm1
1692measuring tape 5 m1
1719BMA...S5Set of 5 second-cut files, with handles 200 mm5
1725hacksaw frame, aluminium handle1
1754plastic oil can 150 cc1
1771snap - off blade utility knife1
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