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Automatic charging station for R1234yf gas air conditioners

Quick Overview

Fully automatic model, complete with car/lorry database with gas quantities, compressor oil quantities and types, self-diagnosis software for routine maintenance jobs.
Database can be updated via software.
Machine can be operated in both manual mode (provided it is controlled by a human operator step by step)
and in fully automatic mode (without requiring a human operator).

Automatic operation
Car/lorry database with gas quantities and compressor oil quantities and types
Automatic gas recovery from pipe
Compensation of recharged quantity of gas in pipes
Automatic discharge of noncondensable gases
Automatic reporting of defects and required maintenance jobs
Gauges, ø 80 mm
Digital vacuometer

Gas tank: 15 kg
Vacuum pump: 75 l/min
Electronic balance: 50 kg
Electronic card with backlit display
Recovery rate: 500 rpm
Power supply: 220 V
Product Name Art. Quantity per Wishlist
018930012 1893/1234YF70
Image Product Name Art. Description Quantity per Wishlist
018930902 1893TR/1234YF R1234yf tracer