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Beta Abrasives

The Beta Abrasives project was launched in late 2018, when Pian Camuno (BS) based AbraBeta, a market leader in the production of hard abrasives, was taken over.
Since 1975 AbraBeta has been standing out as a benchmark for professional users of hard abrasives. The highest quality standard and reliability have always been the key ingredients of the success of this Company, which has been providing unparalleled technical expertise in their industry.

Beta Utensili relies on the Beta Abrasives project to assert its determination to offer market professionals a comprehensive product range and an unequalled technical standard, resulting from the manufacturing skills contributed by AbraBeta and Elpa, leading abrasives manufacturers, recently became part of Beta Group.

Rigid abrasives

  • Cutting discs
  • Grinding discs
  • Shaft-mounted wheels

Flexible abrasives

  • Flap discs
  • Shaft-mounted wheels
  • Wheels with bores
  • Wheels for satinizing machines
  • Radial discs
  • Fibre discs
  • Anti-waste rolls

Beta Abrasives product family