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Beta and sustainability

The Beta Group pays great attention to sustainability issues: this is why it carries out investments and planned activities in order to ensure a balance between environmental and production needs, promoting sustainable renewal and efficiency processes.

The electricity purchased by Beta Utensili comes 100% from renewable sources, with origin traced and guaranteed by the GSE through Guarantee of Origin certificates. Thanks to this supply, in 2020 Beta avoided about 5 tons of CO2 *.

Beta Green

The Beta Group recently launched an Energy Transition Project, starting with the installation of photovoltaic panels in Sovico (MB) and Sulmona (AQ), with the aim of self-producing electricity to power offices and factories. The extension of the photovoltaic base is also being evaluated in the Beta plant of Castiglione d’Adda (LO) and in the Rozzano (MI) headquarters of BM Group. In the subsidiary Elpa Abrasivi, thanks to an area of ​​3,000 m2 of panels, the energy needs are almost completely covered.

Beta Green

The conversion of all company fleets to Full Electric or Hybrid Plug In engines is planned by 2025. The first electric charging stations have already been installed in Sovico headquarters.

Beta Green

The energy efficiency plan has already started with the replacement of the lighting systems of the production areas with low-consumption lamps and the replacement of the medium-voltage/low-voltage oil transformation units, with modern and more efficient resin transformers (also avoiding the periodic disposal of oil with the presence of PCBs).

Beta Green

In addition to separate waste collection in offices and factories, in 2020 Beta started a process of gradual reduction of plastic which allows the elimination, every year, of 53,000 bottles and 100,000 plastic cups.

We created the logo Beta Green to identify the initiatives undertaken by Beta to protect the environment.
Beta Green

Moreover, the work centers were provided with suction systems equipped with absolute filters, in order to re-introduce the filtered air into the internal environment instead of emitting the flow of air into the atmosphere.

The use of bio-polymers has replaced, in almost all chip removal processes, in the classic lubricating-cooling solutions, the use of mineral/vegetable oils with the consequent reduction of waste disposal deriving from the use of normal oils lubricants.

The Beta Group has ongoing interventions aimed at further limiting the environmental impact of its production processes such as:

  • The commitment to the constant search for substances and mixtures necessary for the production cycles which reduce the impact on the environment.
  • The use of completely recyclable materials in the production of packaging.
  • The adoption of environmental labeling on its packaging.

* source: Dolomiti Energia SpA supplier declaration

Beta Welfare

The Beta Group has always been sensitive and attentive to the well-being of its employees and wants to continue to promote social equality, professional growth, employee health and safety, as well as corporate welfare.

Since 2009, Beta’s initiatives pay particular attention to the education of employees' children with concrete support to family expenses.

The company contributes 100% to the purchase of school textbooks for the children of 900 employees attending middle and high schools. In addition, for students regularly enrolled in a degree course, Beta provides an annual contribution of € 500 for the purchase of university texts.

Moreover, Beta delivers Study Awards to the children of employees who have successfully attended upper secondary schools or universities.