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Black acetic-reticulation silicone sealant, resistant to high temperatures, with convenient pressure dispenser (pressure pack)

Quick Overview

● Withstands temperatures up to 240 °C.
● Enables permanent elastic sealing.
● Replaces preformed gaskets.
● The convenient dispenser allows easy (one-coated), accurate, uniform spreading of the product.

● Polymerizes by reacting with atmospheric moisture and forms an elastic, durable gasket.
● Ideal for oil sumps, oil pumps, housings, gearboxes, engine parts that are not subject to high pressure and applications that require resistance to high temperatures.
● Perfectly adheres to most non-porous substrates, including glass, coated wood, ceramic and enamel.
● Not suitable for PE, PP, PC, PMMA, PTFE, soft plastics, neoprene and bituminous substrates.
● Cannot be painted.

DIRECTION FOR USE: Use on a clean, dry surface free of dust and grease residues. Apply a coat at least 2 mm in thickness. Remove any residues within 5 minutes of application. Application temperature range: +5 °C ÷ +40 °C.
Test before use.

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098410120 9841N P200 (1-2)200
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