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Click-type torque wrench for right-hand tightening

Quick Overview

The wrench that does not require releasing tension after use. 100% Italian-made, it is ideal for controlled tightening of screws/bolts.

ZERO-RESET TECHNOLOGY: Based on higher-performance materials and improved heat treatment of both the spring and the component parts of the adjustment system, the wrench no longer requires releasing tension after use.
EASY SETTINGS: The graduated vernier scale allows minimum interval fractions to be set up (in tenths of Nm).
IMPROVED VISIBILITY: Double graduation in Nm for clearer, simpler torque visibility.
100% ITALIAN-MADE: Entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, assembled, tested and certified at Beta's Dynalab, at our headquarters in Sovico, which translates into top-quality torque wrenches.
WIDE RANGE: The range comprising 7 wrenches allows tightening from 5 Nm to 300 Nm, with 1/4'' to 1/2'' male square drives.
REVERSIBLE RATCHET: 72 tooth mechanism, for quick, accurate wrench operation, ensuring a take-up angle of no more than 5°. Ideal for right-hand tightening; torque accuracy: ± 3%
DOUBLE GRADUATION: High scale visibility. Easy-to-select settings, with extremely accurate increments.
BI-MATERIAL HANDLE: Ergonomic handle, for a safe, comfortable hold. Made from materials resistant to fuel, oil and industrial liquids.
TORQUE LOCKING PUSH-PULL SYSTEM: Lock/release knob with high-visibility red ring in released position. Torque is set by rotating the handle.
CLICK MECHANISM: The mechanical click can be heard and touched.

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