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Manual rope winch, aluminium alloy body, complete with operating lever, rope and hook

Quick Overview

Lightweight and portable, the Robur manual rope winch complies with EN 13157, is made from high-quality materials and is suitable for lifting, pulling, tensioning and fixing loads in all directions through the operating lever.
Generally connected to a fixed lashing point, it allows for highly precise load positioning and ensures safe operation in all directions - horizontal, vertical and tilted. Based on its compact, handy design, it is easy to install and use.
The Robur manual winch makes it possible to use ropes in any length, and its capacity can be increased by a factor of 2, 3, 4 or more - provided that its frame is inspected - by using guide rollers and hooks with blocks in accordance with the reference standard.

• Safety factor: 4:1
​EN 13157
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