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RSC24/5 New

​Mobile roller cab with 5 drawers

Quick Overview

The evolution of the C24S roller cab!
Reinforced worktop and a wide range of dedicated accessories!
Available in 7 different colour combinations!
New ABS reinforced worktop, designed to support tool chests RSC22, RSC23, RSC23C and RSC23T.

Main features:
• 5 fully removable drawers (588x367 mm), with ball bearing slides:
2 drawers, 70 mm high
2 drawers, 140 mm high
1 drawer, 280 mm high
• Multi-purpose top with anti-fall edges and eight holes for accommodating screwdrivers
• Four castors Ø 125 mm:
2 fixed and 2 steering (one with brake).
• Front centralized safety lock.
• Static load capacity: 800 kg.
• Built-in bottle holder (can be applied on both sides).
• The following accessories can be added:
wood worktop 2400 RSC24/PL
perforated tool panel 2400 RSC24/PF
folding shelf 2400 RSC24/MP
computer wall bracket 2400 RSC24/SPC
document holder 2400 RSC24//PD (available in anthracite grey or black)
paper roll holder 2400 RSC24/PC (available in anthracite grey or black)
• Drawer bases protected by foamed rubber mats.
• Each drawer can accommodate up to 4 EVA foam or ABS thermoformed trays.

60 kg
Images with
Product Name Art. Colour Quantity per Wishlist
024004050 RSC24/5-FO
024004051 RSC24/5-O
024004052 RSC24/5-G
024004053 RSC24/5-R
024004056 RSC24/5-B
024004057 RSC24/5-A
024004059 RSC24/5-N
Image Product Name Art. Description Quantity per Wishlist
024004902 2400 RSC24/PF Perforated tool panel with supports, for roller cab RSC24
024004909 2400 RSC24/SPC Computer bracket for mobile roller cab RSC24
024004901 2400 RSC24/PL Wood worktop for roller cab RSC24
024004905 2400 RSC24/PF- 2400 RSC24/PF-A-BOTTLE HOLDER
024004906 2400 RSC24/PF-N 2400 RSC24/PF-N-BOTTLE HOLDER
024004907 2400 RSC24/PD-A Document holder for mobile roller cab RSC24
024004908 2400 RSC24/PD-N Document holder for mobile roller cab RSC24
024004903 2400 RSC24/PC 2400 RSC24/PC-A-PAPER ROLL HOLDER
024004904 2400 RSC24/PC-N 2400 RSC24/PC-N-PAPER ROLL HOLDER
050000901 5000MS Folding shelf for items RSC24 - RSC24A - C50S
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