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9 tools and 11 bits in a single multipurpose tool

Everything you need always available in a single multipurpose tool. Ideal for all the outdoor activities like camping, sailing, hiking and all hobbies and situations where you can’t carry the load of all your tools.

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All functions and tools

Beta 1778MT multi-tools is perfect for every challenge, from outdoors activities to do-it-yourself works. The four levers on the handle allow accessories to be pulled out from any position and the two lock/unlock buttons provide unparalleled safety for users.

  1. Combination pliers with holding, tightening and cutting functions
  2. Large blade for precise cutting and trimming
  3. Corrugated blade to easily cut fibrous materials
  4. Hacksaw frame
  5. Tin and bottle opener
  6. Scissors
  7. 3-side files
  8. Screwdriver for cross head Phillips® screws
  9. Bit holder

The multi-tools is complete with a sheath and a small case with:

  • 11 bits for Phillips®, Torx® and Pozidriv®, hexagon and slotted head screws, to meet different needs.
  • A ruler to measure in both millimeters and inches.
  • Tweezers.