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The quality of our tools is a synthesis of old skill and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. Innovation and quality are the common threads throughout the development of all of Beta's new projects.

Ergonomic functions, finish, reliability-focused design

To us, design does not just mean appearance but, above all, excellent performance. The design of each of our tools is aimed at achieving safety, strength, reliability and ease of use. Therefore, tool design is based on the functional needs we carefully observe every day, assisting professionals while working: functionality combines with appearance, and design becomes the end result of a detailed study of materials and finishes. With these aims in mind, we take care of our users, and renew our products, whose details and materials are constantly changed.

Beta:effective solutions catering to professional users’ requirements

Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Electric Energy, Truck Industry, Agriculture, Food Industry, Car Industry, Mines, Oil & Gas, Shipyards, Vehicle Repair, Chemical Industry, Engineering Industry, Aeronautics.




Olil & Gas