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Screwdrivers for cross head Phillips® screws, extra-short series

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• The blade is made from special steel with a high silicon, chromium and vanadium content, to ensure improved performance in terms of torsional and flexural strength. A non-glare, matt chrome-plated finish has been chosen.

• The geometry of the tip has been designed to ensure perfect coupling between the blade and the screw head. The phosphate-coated finish prevents the tip from getting oxidized, while maintaining precise profiles.

• The texture has been inspired by the treads of Racing tyres, developed to maximize grip on different grounds. Hence it ensures effective screwdriver hold under any working conditions, for enhanced precision and control when fitting the tip onto the screw.

UNI/ISO 8764
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012620103 1262N 4,5X301x4,5x308734,6
012620106 1262N 6X302x6x308740,8
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012630010 1263/D10 set of 10 screwdrivers (items 1260, 1260N, 1262, 1262N)