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Multimeter certification service

Certification of such electronic measuring instruments as multimeters, amperometric clamps and tachometers is essential in the sectors or fields of application where precise, unambiguous, recognizable measurements are required. On request, Beta Tools provides the certification service for the following measuring instruments from its product range:

How to use the service:

If a new product is purchased, the certificate code must be added in the purchase order; a different code will be provided for each instrument, as shown in the table below.


"LAT" calibration certificates for new instruments

SAP Code Item Description
Multimeters 096060601 9606C/1760DGT Certificate for 1760DGT (017600005)
096060602 9606C/1760B Certificate for 1760B (017600012)
096060603 9606C/1760OHM Certificate for 1760/OHM (017600025)
096060604 9606C/1760RMS Certificate for 1760/RMS (017600020)
096060609 9606C/1760DGT/2 Certificate for 1760DGT/2 (17600008)
Amperometric Clamps 096060605 9606C/1760PA/80 Certificate for 1760PA/80 (017600002)
096060606 9606C/1760PA/AC Certificate for 1760PA/AC (017600050)
096060607 9606C/1760PA/AC-DC Certificate for 1760PA/AC-DC (017600000)
Tachometers 096060608 9606C/1760TC2 Certificate for 1760/TC2 (017600161)

Revision and "LAT" calibration certificates for previously purchased instruments

SAP Code Item Description
Multimeters 096060621 9606CR/1760DGT Revision and certificate 1760DGT (017600005)
096060622 9606CR/1760B Revisio and certificate for 1760B (017600012)
096060623 9606CR/1760OHM Revision and certificate for 1760/OHM (017600025) 
096060624 9606CR/1760RMS Revision and certificate for 1760/RMS (017600020)
096060629 9606CR/1760DGT/2 Revision and certificate for 1760DGT/2 (17600008)
Amperometric Clamps 096060625 9606CR/1760PA/80 Revision and certificate for 1760PA/80 (017600002)
096060626 9606CR/1760PA/AC Revision and certificate for 1760PA/AC (017600050)
096060627 9606CR/1760PA/AC-DC Revision and certificate for 1760PA/AC-DC (017600000)
Tachometers 096060628 9606CR/1760TC2 Revision and certificate for 1760/TC2 (017600161)

For infrared thermometers, a 4-point calibration report (minimum, maximum and two intermediate points) with ENAC traceability is issued.


Calibration reports

SAP Code Description
Infrared thermometers 096060630 Thermometer calibration report (-20°C +1600°C) - 4 control points

FACSIMILE Accredia Certificate

Certificationis accredited in accordance with the instructions contained in the Accredia procedure; a certificate similar to the one shown here will be issued.