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image 7195A ​dust mask
image 7076BU Leak detection glasses with UV lights
New Items
image 7042LCD Auto-darkening LCD mask, for electrode welding; MIG/MAG; TIG and plasma.
Solar cells power supply and lithium batteries for outstanding LCD filter life
New Items
image 963 pry bar with pointed and flat bent ends
image 964 pry bar with pointed and leverage ends
image 965 pry bars with flat curved ends
image 966/C3 Set of ​3 levers with articulated, flat, curved heads
image 1077 straight wide blade tinsmith’s pliers,
PVC-coated handles
image 1078 curved wide blade tinsmith’s pliers,
45° PVC-coated handles
image 1105/C15T Assortment of 15 punches,
3 to 30 mm
image 1105/C29T Assortment of 29 punches,
2 to 50 mm
image 1105 punches made from burnished steel
image 1105T30 Shank for punches 1105,
3 to 30 mm
image 1105T50 Shank for punches 1105,
2 to 50 mm
image 1295 impact screwdriver
image 1639NS-N Friction tape, black
image 1688M carpenter’s pencil
image 1704 carpenter’s wrenching bars
image 1704A crow bars with open and pointed edges
image 1704C crow bars with closed and pointed edges
image 1705 chalk line reel made from aluminium
image 1705PT chalk powder
image 1709/10 - 1709/18 nut splitters
image 1710 hydraulic nut splitters
image 1713M flexible pickup tools
image 1737AC steel wire brush
image 1737NX brake shoe cleaning brush
plastic handle steel wires
image 1738 bristle brush
image 1749 bonding gun varnished metal sheet
image 1749A bonding gun, professional model
aluminium tube
image 1749AC High thrust gun for chemical binders
image 1758M
image 1761 Wire twisting pliers
with automatic return
image 1761RS/1 Reversible wire twisting pliers
with automatic return
image 1762 revolving punch pliers
image 1766 double suction lifter
image 1766A single suction cup
image 1767PMC magnetic tool holder, round
image 1767PMR magnetic tool holder, rectangular
image 1800/100 Lifting airbags (max. lifting force: 100 kg )
image 1848 Automatic cable reel
with Schuko type socket
image 1851VK hot glue gun with 12 thermofusible glue sticks in case
image 1851VK-12C 12 thermofusible glue sticks
Ø 11 mm
image 1860K/160A DC hand electrode inverter welding machines,
suitable for motor generators, compact and easy to carry,
complete with case, cables, hammer brush and shoulder strap
image 7061TC Safety glasses with clear polycarbonate lenses
image 7076BC Safety glasses with clear polycarbonate lenses
image 7076BD Safety glasses with polycarbonate lenses
image 7076BP Safety glasses with polarized polycarbonate lenses
image 7093BC Safety glasses with clear polycarbonate lenses
image 7093BD Safety glasses with dark polycarbonate lenses
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