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Oil and filters

image 1493FF Wrench for removing/installing plastic seats of
Ford Peugeot Citroën oil filters
engines: TDCi-HDi
image 1889 Steel handling and storage base
for 2 200-l barrels
image 1493/C19 ​Set of 18 oil filter wrenches,
particularly suitable for Asian cars
image 1758A Non-return funnel
with quick coupling, Ø 38 mm​
image 1877 ​Exhausted oil drain unit, wheeled,
with 90 l tank
image 1877A ​Exhausted oil drain unit / vacuum cleaner, wheeled,
with 90 l tank and pre-chamber
image 1490/R1 - 1490/R2 ​Spare fabric straps for item 1490
image 1493AL 4S ​Oil filter wrenches
for Asian cars
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image 1493AL Oil filter wrenches
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image 1493AL CF Hexagon socket wrenches
for oil filter cartridges
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image 1878 3 Oil collection tank,
for truck hubs
image 1494VW Special socket for plastic oil drain plugs,
Volkswagen engines
image 1494M Tool for hexagon oil drain plugs,
magnetic, flexible
image 6600 M/840 Assortment of 36 tools,
with hooks without panel
image 1488R... Spare chain
image 1493B/S5 ​Set of 5 bi-hex wrenches
for hard-to-reach oil filter cartridges
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image 1493B Bi-hex wrenches
for hard-to-reach oil filter cartridges
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image 1493DSG Wrench for removing/installing
DSG oil filter
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image 1493FT ​Wrench for Ford Transit Diesel oil filters
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image 1493/PF Purflux® oil-filter wrenches
image 1492T Drier filter wrenches
image 1495M Screw tap for oil drain plug threads
image 1493 Oil filter wrench
image 1488 - 1488L oil-filter wrench with double chain
image 1488/1 oil-filter wrench
with thin double chain
image 1490 strap wrenches for oil filters
image 1491 Adjustable oil filter wrench
image 1492/1 - 1492/2 adjustable oil filter wrenches
image 1491C adjustable oil filter pliers
image 1493/C30 Set of 28 oil filter wrenches
image 1493/M - P - R Purflux® oil-filter wrenches
image 1493Z Self-locking oil filter wrenches,
image 1493/S-U self-adjusting oil filter wrench with 3 arms,
for right and left hand tightening
image 1493J wrench for MultiJet
image 1493T Self-adjusting oil filter wrench with three arms
for left-hand tightening
image 1494/C14A Assortment of 14 oil change tools
image 1494E Mail hexagon oil drain plug sockets
image 1494Q Male square oil drain plug sockets
image 1494 Square oil drain plug socket
image 1494T Male triangular oil drain plug socket
image 1494XZN Male oil drain plug socket with XZN® profile
image 1495/C6 Assortment of tools for repairing oil sump threads
image 1496/A oil plug wrench
image 1496/C oil plug wrench
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