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image 971/C8 Torque screwdriver with accessories
for controlled tightening of
tyre valves with pressure control system
image 720LC Wheel nut impact sockets for wheel nuts,
with coloured polymeric inserts
image 720IC Spare coloured polymeric inserts for impact sockets 720LC-720LCL
image 720MRC Impact socket
with polymeric insert for Mercedes wheel screw
image 985/B7 Assortment of 7 guide pins
for wheel installation
image 985M Male guide pins for wheel installation
image 985F Female guide pins for wheel installation
image 720TC Impact torsion bars, coloured,
for motor vehicle wheel nuts,
with 1/2" male and female square drives
image 720TC/S5 Set of 5 coloured impact torsion bars for wheel nuts,
in kit
image 3009R/GR4 4-wheel groups for trolleys 3009 R/GR4
image 984 Wheel nut plastic cap pliers
New Items
image 720LCL ​Wheel nut impact sockets
with coloured polymeric inserts,
long series
New Items
image 1530/C5 Wheel hub and bearing pulling kit,
3, 4, 5 holes
image 987 ​Tyre valve lever
with rubber protection
image 986 48 ​Tyre valve screwdriver,
short model
image 986 78 Tyre valve screwdriver
image 987P Tyre valve lever
made of plastic
image 971TSP Tyre pressure sensor tool
image 970EB Impact sockets for axle nuts
image 3009 Wheel lifter
image 988/K4 Set of 4 scratchproof plastic flat chisels
image 3035 Tyre trolley
image 969/C5 Set of 5 hub nut locking sockets
in plastic case
image 729T Impact torsion bars for wheel nuts
image 970EA Impact sockets for axle nuts
image 970Q Impact sockets for rectangular nuts
image 1569/F Tool assortment for removing and inserting
Fiat Panda, Fiat 500 and Ford Ka silentblocks
image 978 - 979 four-way hexagon wheel nut wrenches
image 982 four-way hexagon wheel nut wrench
image 962 tyre levers
image 989 wheel balancing weight tool
image 969B hub nut locking socket
image 970B socket for locking Fiat Daily hub nuts
image 970OT Impact sockets for locking BPW hub nuts
image 970C Octagonal impact sockets for locking hub nuts
image 1706DGT digital depth gauge for tyre threads
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