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COMBO - Modular System

Combo is a new modular system which allows you to combine and easily transport different types of tool cases. Hence you will have all the tools you need to work at your best at hand and in order.

Advantages of Combo system:

The tool cases are made of sturdy, shockproof ABS. They have an interior carrying capacity of 25 kg and bear up to 100 kg of weight on the lid.

The tool cases can be customized through the wide range of available accessories: hard thermoformed trays, removable small parts boxes with transparent covers, modular trays with removable partitions and soft foam pre-cubed inserts, to keep all your tools in order and immediately find what you need.

You can change the order of the tool cases to suit your working needs. The functional side snap-on mechanism makes it quick and easy to join and detach the tool cases. It takes just one simple click to get the ideal composition.

Ease of transportation
The tool case trolley is made of aluminium, to be both durable and lightweight. The big, puncture proof wheels allow to be easily carried to any workplace. It is also ultracompact and foldable for convenient storage in any place.

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