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Evox screwdrivers

The BetaEvox screwdrivers are different from normal ones because of their technical features, conceived and designed to further facilitate work operations.

Features of BetaEvox screwdrivers:

Ergonomic design
The screwdriver handle fits the palm of the hand perfectly. The precision area allows the screwdriver to be quickly rotated between the fingers. The large contact surface makes it possible to transmit maximum force with minimum effort. The octagonal section prevents any bothersome rolling on the worktop.

Resistance and comfort
Beta's tried-and-tested blades ensure unique elasticity, hardness and wear resistance, for top-end professional tools. New thermoplastic rubber makes each use, including heavy-duty ones, even more comfortable.

Maximum practicality
The brand-new hole on the handle allows the screwdriver to hang for easy storage. Tip style and size are printed on the round cap for quick identification.

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