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Shop in Shop, display solutions for sales points

Product display in sales points is strategic with a view to getting end users to become familiar, and purchase, the items. We at Beta have always invested many resources in research on, and the development of, new communication media and tools, designed to make the products stand out and arouse customers’ interest, while rationalizing and optimizing display.

The 3D online configurator allows you to design “customized” displays for your sales point.
Ask our experts for assistance; they will help you develop the best solution. Contact us.

Our display system, which is in line with new sales strategies, can satisfy retailers’ many different requirements:

  • Modularity: unparalleled flexibility in arranging the assortments as well as the display area;
  • Profitability: high rotation assortments, catering to customers’ actual needs;
  • Display efficiency: organizing and optimizing sales areas according to appropriate product and use criteria.

What is more, we have supplemented our display system with a comprehensive range of visual communication aids (lighted signs, banners, graphic panels)to customize, identify and emphasize Beta's products and areas in sales points.

Shop in Shop Products

A few examples

Display system

The frame is made up of several parts (uprights, panels, base), designed and built according to the standards that currently apply to tool and hardware shops. This results in a convenient, functional system capable of satisfying any display requirements.
The self-supporting frame does not have to be fixed to the wall. Each part highlights the colours and peculiarities that can best emphasize Beta's image.
Twelve different, specially designed hooks allow all of Beta’s products to be displayed functionally and rationally.