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Angle grinder


High-power die grinder

1937 2,5

Roto-orbital palm sander, lubrication free, made from composite material

Quick Overview

Lubrication free
• No lubrication required
• Extremely compact and easy to handle
• Orbit diameter: 2.5 mm
• 6-hole Velcro pad, Ø 150 mm
• Continuous motor speed adjustment
• Nonslip, soft material handle
• Designed for connection to suction systems with swivel fittings
• Revolving exhaust
Free speed12,000 rpm
Power0.18 kW
Pad size150 mm
Orbit diameter2.5 mm
Spindle thread5/16"-24
Air inlet1/4" GAS
Operating pressure6.2 bar
Internal hose size (Ø)10 mm
Mean air consumption170 l/min
Weight0.86 kg
Product Name Art.
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019370000 1937 2,50,86